Suggested Harvester Rates

Suggested Harvesting Rates for 2023

Harvester: All Class 6, 7, 8 and 9 Machines are based on having a 40′ draper front, P/U reels, road compliant comb trailer (bogie axles/lights/springs/guards), yield mapping & auto steer fitted.

Additional options added such as 4WD, duals, tracks, flex drapers etc are not included in these costings.
Prices outlined below in the table are GST exclusive with fuel to be supplied by the grower. 
Prices outlined are based on wheat, in clean standing, dry ground conditions, unloading “on-the-run” into a chaser bin supplied by grower.

Chaser bin: An Hourly Rate of $300.00 per ENGINE HOUR for a minimum 250hp Tractor, 20 Tonne Chaser-Bin and Operator. Fuel to be supplied by the grower.

Class 6 Class 7 Class 8 Class 9
Suggested Hourly Rate $680 $740 $800 $900

Suggested Hourly Rate 

Class 6 $680
Class 7 $740
Class 8 $800
Class 9 $900

Suggested Rice Harvesting Rates for 2024

Disclaimer: The rates provided below are a guide only. Growers and contractors should negotiate rates based on individual circumstances.

The recommended price is $29.00/tonne ex GST ($31.90/tonne inc GST)

This rate is recommended for average crops in good standing conditions in straight bays and with fuel and bins supplied by the grower. Growers and contractors should be prepared to negotiate variations to rates where individual circumstances warrant, eg wet or lodged conditions or non-landformed fields.

This recommended rate assumes contractors providing GPS yield mapping services with grower or advisor providing YM mapping setup information.

Suggested harvesting rates along with the Custom Harvesters Cost Calculator will provide information to all in the grains industry an accurate reflection of the real costs of harvesting.

The recommended rate for a tractor, 20-tonne chaser bin and operator is $300 (excl GST)/$330 (incl GST) per engine hour, with fuel supplied by the grower.

The prices set out or referred to herein are an advised price only and there is no obligation to comply with the Suggested Rates.
Specifications and price subject to change without notice. Valid as at 1st February 2024.

Recommended Cartage Rates

Distance – one way rate
up to 10 km – $16.50 per tonne (excl GST)/$18.15 (incl GST)

For each additional kilometre after 10 kilometres, add $0.10 (excl GST) /$0.11 (incl GST) per tonne.

These rates include demurrage.

These rates are a guide only. Growers and contractors should negotiate rates based on individual circumstances.

Harvesting Rates calculation and policy.

Custom Harvesters Inc. represents harvest contracting businesses operating in all cropping regions. Seasonal assessments are made concerning crop quality and concentration in each area to enable harvesters to arrive as crops reach optimum maturity.

Upon arriving at a growers property and prior to harvesting, Custom Harvesters members usually confirm quoted harvest rates and the method of charging. Written harvest agreements are available whether hourly rates are used, an amount per hectare, or on a per tonne basis. A formal agreement is of benefit to both parties.

Custom Harvesters members promote comparative charges combining the use of financial operational factors and prevailing market conditions as their foundation pricing.

Some of the variables which may determine fluctuations in harvesting rates are:

  • Crop type, grain yield and cut height  – all affect harvester throughput.
  • Crop condition – free-standing or lodged, weed affected or low yield areas.
  • Total in-field & off-field hourly/daily grain handling facilities to accommodate total hourly/daily harvesting capacity.
  • Travel distance to farm and required services – if remote from other grain growers.
  • Precision agriculture (PA) requirements – supply of PA set-up and RTK base station.
  • PA consultant/agronomist liaison or support.
  • Paddock terrain – ground condition, absence of obstacles or precise notification of all obstacles.
  • The total area of crop(s) to be harvested by contractors and number of contractor machines on property.
  • Controlled traffic and or chaff/straw residue and crop cut height requirements.
  • Suitable and compliant daily fuelling requirements.
  • Compliant fire fighting equipment supplied in-field.
  • Terms of account payment – if not settled at completion of harvest.
  • Provision of related equipment by contractor – augers, trucks, field bins.

Custom Harvesters members are keen to build long-lasting relationships with grain growers, whilst showing responsibility and consideration to all growers by taking bookings during harvest. High standards of workmanship and business ethics are expected from Custom Harvesters members. While grain producers should pursue competitive prices for harvesting, careful consideration must be given as to the level of service provided when booking a contractor. Custom Harvesters members prefer to confirm bookings well prior to harvest.